Angola, Louisiana State Penitentiary, serves as the largest maximum security prison in the United States. On the other side of the prison gate is a community called the "B-Line," where free and incarcerated people are setting the example for how to understand, communicate, and seek value in each other. Photo #4 by Jimmy Brannon, former resident of Angola.


Seesawing within eyesight of Angola, Louisiana State Penitentiary

Other Than Myself

Photographs made in and around the circumference of a graveyard and buried. Canister of latent film dug up and tampered with by someone/thing other than myself. This encounter informed subsequent exposures, which were transferred, buried, and contact printed.


This project documents a family trying and failing to understand and accept death, just as every single family in the history of families has attempted to do.


Recording Nanny Joy reminisce


Approximately 46 seconds too late


Using an umbrella at the beach

Mother and daughter learning how to play Ghost in the Graveyard in the presence of their future graves

Walk Cycles

These walks serve as the time between a curiosity or doubt and a conclusion. A prolonged thought, reassurance, and a second guess.

Tracing a blood path


Attempting to understand the argument of some of those not in favor of pulling the plug


Walking to church for the first time in three years on Easter Sunday, two days after mom lost her job

Location scouting for a film that will never be made

Family Portraits

As objects continue to be loved, used, missed, and marked, they have earned the right to a funeral.